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Special Event Checklist

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  • Department Event Request Form

    • This form is required to initiate the process for confirming your event for the English Department. 
    • This form will ensure that your event does not conflict with another already scheduled event with the English department. If your event does conflict with a department event, you will receive an email notification with suggestions for rescheduling or moving the event.
    • Please do not submit a Department Calendar Request until you have received an email from the department that your event has successfully been reserved.
  • Event Funding Information page

    Please look over this page and coordinate with your program/sponsor to make sure the correct documents to process payments for your event have been completed. If you have any questions, please email the Budget Assistant.

  • English Department Calendar Submission

    • Once you have completed step 1, reviewed step 2, and received a confirmation email, please submit your event request on the department calendar.
    • The 'Submit Event' button is on the right side.
    • The Department of English can make changes to your event request to accurately describe the event details.