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History of Speakers

A history of speakers sponsored by the Department of English and Therese Kayser Lindsey Literary Series. Videos of these readings and discussions can be found at the Therese Kayser Lindsey Literary Series archive.

  • Speaker Event
    John Graves Reading
    Larry McMurtry Lecture
    R.G. Vliet Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Lon Tinkle Reading
    Mortimer Adler Lecture
    James Dickey Interview
    Arlin Turner Lecture
    TKL Chair Convocation Ceremony
    Horton Foote Q&A
    John Hurt Fisher Q&A
  • Speaker Event
    James Dickey Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Larry McMurtry Lecture
    Richard Wilbur Reading
    Thomas Berger Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Elaine Showalter Lecture
    Helen Vendler Lecture
    Stanley Fish Lecture
    Gordon Weaver Reading
    X.J. Kennedy Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Bill Wittliff Q&A
    Larry McMurtry Reading
  • Speaker Event
    David Fleming Reading
    Stephen Dobyns Reading
    Stephen Orgel Presentation
  • Speaker Event
    Albert Goldbarth Reading
    R.S. Gwynn Reading
    Leslie Ullman Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Beverly Lowry Reading
    John Barth Reading
    John Barth Q&A
  • Speaker Event
    Margaret Atwood Reading, Q/A
    Galway Kinnell Reading, Q/A
    Max Apple Reading, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Alberto Ríos Reading, Q/A
    Rick Bass Reading
    Sandra Cisneros TKL Q/A
    Tino Villanueva Reading, Q/A
    Maxine Hong Kingston Reading
    Maxine Hong Kingston Q&A
    Richard Howard Reading, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Charles Johnson Reading
    Andre Dubus Q&A
    Andre Dubus Reading
    N. Scott Momaday Lecture Series
    Chris Offutt Reading, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Linda Gregg Reading
    Ken Kesey Reading
    Colette Inez Reading
    Abraham Verghese Reading
    John Nichols Reading, Q/A
    Rick Bass Q&A
    Edward Hirsch Reading
    Reg Saner Reading, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Gerald Stern Discussion
    Elizabeth Mills Q&A
    Max Apple Reading, Q/A
    John Dufresne Reading, Q/A
    Jack Stillinger Reading
    Joseph Brodsky Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Funso Aiyejina Reading, Q/A
    Ruth Stone Reading
    Ruth Stone Q&A
    Allen Ginsberg Perfomance, Q/A
    Ron Carlson Reading, Q/A
    Henry Sweets Lecture
  • Speaker Event
    Jorie Graham Reading
    Charles Wright Reading, Q/A
    Ann Beattie Reading, Q/A
    Rosmarie Waldrop Reading, Q/A
    Anne Mellor Lecture
    Tom Phillips Reading, Q/A
    Jane Mead Reading
    Robert Boswell & Antonya Nelson Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Janet Burroway Reading
    Naomi Shihab Nye Reading
    Tino Villanueva Reading
    Li-Young Lee Reading
    Jack Stillinger Reading
    Leslie Marmon Silko Reading, Q/A
    Francisco Goldman Reading, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Thom Jones Reading, Q/A
    Jayne Cortez Reading, Q/A
    Tim O'Brien Reading
    Jayne Anne Phillips Reading, Q/A
    Paul Fussell Reading
    Robert Creeley Reading, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Tim O'Brien Lecture
    Frank Bidart Q&A
    Barry Hannah Q&A
    Roger Boylan Reading
    Tim O'Brien Lecture
    E. Annie Proulx Readings, Q/A
    Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge Readings
    Leslie Marmon Silko Reading
    Don Snyder Readings, Q/A
    Jim Daniels Reading, Q/A
    Janis Stout Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Leslie Marmon Silko Readings
    Tessa Rumsey Readings, Q/A
    James Galvin Readings, Q/A
    Robert Hass Readings, Q/A
    Tim O'Brien Reading
    Chris Offutt Readings, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Jean Valentine Reading, Q/A
    Mark Doty Readings
    Tim O'Brien Readings, Q/A
    Arthur F. Kinney Reading, Q/A
    Kate Wheeler Reading, Q/A
    KAP House Dedication Ceremony
    Junot Díaz Reading, Q/A
    Shelby Hearon Readings, Q/A
    Diana Lopez Reading, Q/A
    Elisabeth Robinson Reading, Q/A
    Ai Reading
    Jane Hirshfield Readings, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Ai Readings
    Barry Hannah Readings, Q/A
    Harry Mathews Readings
    George Saunders, Q/A Reading
    Tim O'Brien Readings
    Helen Vendler Lecture, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Tim O'Brien Readings
    Roddy Doyle Readings, Q/A
    Carolyn Forché Readings, Q/A
    Barry Hannahs Reading
    Heather McHugh Readings
    Dao Strom Reading
    W.S. Merwin Readings, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Charles D'Ambrosio Reading
    Richard Ford Reading
    Richard Ford Reading
    Spencer Reese Reading
    Barry Hannah Interview
    Christopher Ricks Lecture
  • Speaker Event
    Charles Baxter Reading
    C.D. Wright & Forrest Gander Reading
    Eleanor Wilner Reading
    Percival Everett Reading
    Denis Johnson Reading
    Carole Maso Reading
    Wendy Faris Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Andrew Mackey Reading
    Charles Simic Reading
    Scott Slovic Reading
    Bret Anthony Johnston Reading
    Bruce Weigel Reading
    Mary Gaitskill Reading
    Robert Stone Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Ilya Kaminsky Reading
    Scott Anderson Reading
    Brigit Pegeen Kelly Reading
    William Vollmann Reading
    James Young Reading
    Alexander Theroux Reading
  • Speaker Event
    Yaphet Smith Reading
    William Giraldi Reading
    Justin Torres Reading
    Mihaele Moscliuc Reading
    Karen Russell Reading
    Christian Wiman Reading
    George Saunders Readings, Q/A
    Francine Prose Readings, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Thomas Lux Readings, Q/A
    Tim O'Brien Reading
    Wells Tower Readings, Q/A
    Michael Dickman Readings, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Richard Siken Readings, Q/A
    Louise Erdrich Reading
    Elissa Schappell Readings, Q/A
    Susan Wolfson Lecture
    Tim O'Brien Reading
    Gerald Stern Readings, Q/A
    Amelia Grey Reading
    Kevin Brockmeier Readings, Q/A
    Olga Broumas Readings, Q/A
    Cristina García Reading
    S.C. Gwynne Readings, Q/A
    Justin Torres Readings, Q/A
    Kazim Ali Readings, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Mihaela Moscaliuc Readings, Q/A
    William Giraldi Readings, Q/A
    Christian Wiman Readings, Q/A
    Cristina García Reading
    Karen Russell Readings, Q/A
    Jonathan Arac Lecture
    Natalie Diaz Readings, Q/A
    Etgar Keret Readings, Q/A
    Jennifer Egan Readings, Q/A
    B.H. Fairchild Reading, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Sergio De La Pava Readings, Q/A
    Fanny Howe Readings, Q/A
    Martha Nell Smith Lecture
    Sherman Alexie Reading
    Cristina García Reading
    Jorie Graham Reading, Q/A
    Brian Turner Readings, Q/A
    Kim Barnes Readings, Q/A
    Ben Fountain Reading
    Carolyn Forché Reading, Q/A
    Phillip Lopate Readings, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Heather Christle Readings, Q/A
    Ben Fountain Lecture, Readings
    Daniel Orozco Readings, Q/A
    Tracy K. Smith Readings, Q/A
    Terrance Hayes Readings, Q/A
    Lydia Davis Reading, Q/A
  • Speaker Event
    Mary Szybist Readings, Q/A
    Laurie Ann Guerrero Readings, Q/A
    Leslie Jamison Readings, Q/A
    Stuart Dybek Readings, Q/A
    Ben Fountain Reading

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