ENG 3312: Internship in English

"The Internship in English Studies program has been a highlight of my academic career at Texas State. I have always dreamed of writing for a living. Because of the Internship in English Studies program, that dream is now a reality."

-Taye Marshall, English Major and Former Intern

Who We Are:

The Internship in English Studies enables students to gain practical experience in potential career fields while developing a portfolio of work to present in pursuit of employment or grad school.

Interns gain practical “real world” experience and learn what it means to write, design, and produce documents, films, and other media in non-academic settings.


Dr. Laura Ellis-Lai, Director

Phone: 512.245.7678


Student Eligibility

GPA: overall 2.5 and 3.0 in English courses.  

Prerequisites: 60 hours of undergraduate credit and upper level practical course work in technical or professional writing, film writing or production, software documentation, editing, or rhetoric and writing.

Internship Hours:  10 to 20 hours per week for a minimum of 120 hours per semester.  

Course Credit: English 3312: Internship in English Studies, a three credit hour course that meets every two weeks during the internship semester. Students will take English 3312 concurrent with their internships.


If you already have an internship:

Fall:  August 1  Spring: Dec 1 Summer: May 1

If you do not have an internship:

Fall: July 1  Spring: Nov 1   Summer: April 1    

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