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Professor Coates Set up instructions

Links you’ll need: The Norton Reader, Shorter Fifteenth Edition Ebook: The Norton Reader, Shorter Fifteenth Edition

To add the ebook link to your Canvas course, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Module where you want the link to appear. If you do not have a module yet, create one. I like to create one that says “Access textbook here”

2. Click + next to that Module.

3. Choose External Tool - NOT EXTERNAL URL….from the dropdown menu.

4. Below the list of existing tools, you will see an option to enter a URL.

5. In the URL field, copy and paste the ebook link from above.

6. Under Page Name, give the link a descriptive title (e.g. Title of the ebook)

7. Check “Load in a New Tab.”

8. Click “Add Item.”

9. Click the ebook link.

10. Log in with your Norton credentials when prompted.

11. You should be prompted to create a student set. Choose Option 1 this time, but you can copy any customizations to future courses by using Option 2 in the future.

12. The title should auto-populate to match your Canvas course title. Enter all other requested information.

13. Click Create Student Set.

14. This will create a 6-digit code. This is for your own knowledge and should not be shared with students.

15. Indicate you are a part of the AlamoBooks+ program.

16. You should now see a green “Connected to LMS” badge on the screen. If you do not see this, please contact Katie Sisk at