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Student Travel

Undergraduate Student Travel

The Department of English provides partial funding to under graduate students who travel to read scholarly papers or creative works. To request funding from the department, students must consult with the department’s budget assistant in charge of travel to learn additional information about travel policies and documents required for reimbursement. Please contact Kylie Howell at 512-245-3012 or

Graduate Student Travel

  • Steps for Completing Travel as a Graduate Student

    1. Once the conference organizer has accepted your presentation proposal, speak with Travel Assistant (Kylie Howell).
    2. Turn in English Department Graduate Travel Policy by date specified.
    3. Budget all expenses, and include them in the Graduate Student Travel Fund Request.
    4. Print out and attach confirmation email of acceptance from conference organizer.
    5. Hold on to all receipts. The form of payment (such as credit card’s last 4 digits) will need to be listed on receipt, for hotel, registration, and airfare.
    6. Once you return, give all receipts to Travel Assistant no later than 2 weeks after last travel day.
    7. The Travel Assistant will submit your paperwork to Accounts Payable and Travel Office. Once completed, the Travel Assistant will send an email.
    8. Please follow directions in email given by Travel Assistant.
    9. Reimbursements can take up to 3 weeks after all paperwork has been submitted.

    What Travel Expenses Can be Paid or Reimbursed?

      • Reserve and purchase airfare with the contracted Travel Agencies, currently Ascot and National Travel. (Estimated airfare should be added to Travel Request)
      • Purchase Order, P-Card, or e-NPO to pay for registration fees
      • May be reimbursed to the travel through an e-NPO PRIOR to the travel dates
    • LODGING (Reimbursement ONLY)
      • Reserve and purchase rental vehicle with contracted Travel Agencies, currently Enterprise and Avis. (Estimate rental should be added to Travel Request)

    Any amount of travel paid by a Purchase Order, P-Card, or e-NPO should not be included in the Travel Request or it will be encumbered twice.

  • Purpose: To establish clear guidelines for faculty travel in the Department of English. Travel dollar allocations will be based on the University-designated departmental travel budget and this departmental travel policy. This policy applies to all tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, senior lecturers, lectures, and per-course lecturers.


    • Travel allocation time frame based on the University fiscal year – September 1st- August 31st.
    • All travel requests must be submitted to the departmental Travel Assistant at least 30 days prior to date of departure.
    • Foreign Travel Liability Form must be submitted with travel request for any trip OUTSIDE the United States.
    • To qualify for travel funding faculty member must present a paper or participate in a reading or roundtable and be listed in the event program with Texas State University as the affiliated institution unless otherwise approved by the English Department chair. Proof of Texas State University affiliation must be submitted with travel receipts.
    • Faculty member must comply with Texas State University Travel Office policies and the State of Texas Travel Allowance Guide. 
    • All travel receipts must be submitted to the departmental Travel Assistant no later than 2 weeks after last day of approved travel.
    • All expense reports must be generated by the department designated Travel Assistant. 
    • All expense reports saved and sent for approval by faculty member are final. Any monetary discrepancies noticed by faculty member must be addressed to the Travel Assistant or English Department chair prior to receiving reimbursement. By saving and sending expense report for approval you are acknowledging and accepting that travel reimbursement amount is accurate.