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Steps to Success

Taking The English TExES and Becoming Certified to Teach English/Language Arts and Reading Grades 7-12:

Step 1: Understand the English TExES

The Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) is a series of tests that educators must pass to teach in Texas. The English TExES is the content test you must take to become certified to teach English/language arts and reading grades 7-12. Only computer tests are available unless special accommidations are requested. You should take this test after completing English 3389 and the other courses required for your degree. 

The test is organized around eleven competencies which cover material you have studied in your college English courses. It is composed of approximately 100 multiple-choice questions and two written-response components. You will have five hours to complete the test.


Step 2: Select Your Classes Carefully

Study the eleven competencies to understand what you will be expected to know and be able to do to pass the English TExES. Select classes that will help you learn what you need to fulfill these competencies. To help you select classes, study the course descriptions in the university catalog and the course descriptions available in Flowers Hall during pre-registration. You may also talk to an advisor.

Schedule your course work so that the semester before you student teach you can register for the Curriculum and Instruction Secondary Block and English 3389 The Discipline of English, a set of classes that compliment each other.   Plan your course load so that by your student teaching semester you have completed all the other courses required for your degree. 

Step 3: Prepare to Take the TExES

During English 3389, you will participate in a review of the English TExES multiple-choice questions and the written response components. You will also take a practice test. To register for the official English TExES, you must have completed the review and practice test.


Step 4: Register to Take the English TExES


Once you have taken the review and practice test in English 3389, your instructor will inform the Office of Educator Preparation that you are eligible to take the official English TExES. You should then submit a request for test approval on the ePortfolio System. Once approved, register for exams through Pearson.